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Don't Use Your Laptop In A Coffee Shop Without Knowing The Risks

What is with this new craze of working on your laptop at the coffee shop? Every time you walk past a Starbucks, Seattle's Best, or Caribou Coffee all you see is dozens of people on their computers working away. So what is driving people to do this? Is it the coffee or is it the atmosphere. I think we need to take a closer look at the situation to make that call.

What makes people want to go to the coffee shop with their laptop?

Is it the coffee or atmosphere? I think it is a little bit of both. Who does not love coffee? But I think the atmosphere of a coffee shop is something to be desired as well. Most people love the idea of working from home so being able to work in that kind of an atmosphere is a dream comes true for a lot of people who do it. Now granted some of the people are doing school work, or just wasting time but there are a lot of people who do work while on their computers and tablets at coffee shops.

Just bringing your computer to the coffee shop is the craze we are talking about here so what are other reasons for this. Another reason for more and more people going out to coffee shops to do work is to get that small social interaction that they crave. When you work from home or you study or whatever the case may be with your computer at home, you do not get a lot of that and to have a simple and easy chat with the person taking your order is all most people need to stay sane. 

Next time you see someone at the coffee shop working on their laptop ask them, was it the coffee or the atmosphere that brought you here. I bet you get a different answer from different people. Some may say it's the coffee others may say they love being around people and others may say they love the quietness of a coffee shop. Whatever the case may be you should try it sometime for yourself. See if it's something you love as well.

For anyone else who is trying to figure this new craze out, my suggestion would be to try it yourselves and see how it feels. Is it heaven? 

If you currently indulge in this growing trend then you may also want to ask your self are you protecting you information as much as you would when you are at home? If you don't know the answer then you are not. While working in cafés on open free Wi-Fi networks all of the information can be easily read and copied by anyone else using the same network without you even knowing it. They can then use that information, login details, credit card numbers, email address, Facebook accounts and even your photos to do anything they like such as create a new identity for themselves such as yours. 

Since when you are at home you are on a closed network with only those people you trust, your chance of information theft is minimal. When on free Wi-Fi your chances of this occurring sky rocket as hackers who do this for a living know that the normal person doesn't even know that this can occur so they lurk in the corner preying on the vulnerable. There is a simple way to ensure it never happens to you.

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